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Introducing Whiskey JYPSI’s latest release, the Explorer Series which continues sourcing the highest quality whiskeys and ingredients while finishing with combinations of distinctive and exceptional woods from around the globe.


Led by whiskey maker Ari Sussman, the inaugural Explorer release starts with a blend of two six-year-old bourbons – a low rye distilled in Kentucky and selected for its sweetness and an Indiana high rye chosen for its spice. The combined mash bill of 66% corn, 30% rye and 4% malted barley is then slowly reduced to 103 proof and finished using two oak varietals – French Oak from France’s famed Forest of Tronçais and American Oak from the Appalachian Mountains. Each of these woods was chosen for its ability to accentuate the sweetness and spice of the blend.


From the makers of the award-winning Legacy Batch 001: “The Journey,” Whiskey JYPSI Explorer is a beautiful marriage of a passion for whiskey and a spirit of exploration. No borders. No rules. No conventions. All representing the JYPSI Spirit.


"Black plum, vanilla bean, cake frosting, graham cracker, and marzipan flavors are bedazzling. Lip-smacking, plenty of grip in the long finish.” – F. Paul Pacult, author, The New Kindred Spirits


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American Straight Bourbon Whiskey


6 Years Old


51.5 %

Produced in


Tasting Notes


Warm shades ranging from golden to dark amber.


A bouquet of caramel, vanilla bean, leather, and forest.


Full-bodied and structured, with a balance of tannin and rich viscosity. Notes of dark, dried fruit, graham cracker, cigar box and woodshop.


Lingering, dry finish of vanilla and oak with impressive length.